Keep Guelph Services Public

The City of Guelph is reviewing whether to privatize your solid waste collection. Don’t let them make a decision that will hurt the environment, eliminate good jobs, result in sub-standard service and ultimately cost you more!

Studies have shown that private solid waste collection leads to poorer environmental performance, higher rates of customer complaints and rising costs over time. That is why many cities in Canada are bringing back public sol­id waste collection, at great expense, following years of sub-standard privatized service.

Back in House: Why Local Governments are Bringing Services Home explores the recent trend in Canada of cities bringing formerly privatized services back into public hands.

Effective public services are essential for reducing the environmental impact of our cities. Read Create Clean, Green Cities to find out more.

The City of Toronto recently voted against privatizing solid waste collection in the east side of the city. Protecting Scarborough’s Success: How Contracting Out Could Harm Scarborough’s Waste Diversion Performance is a case study on how public solid waste collection is more effective at diverting waste from landfills.

 Our cities depend on public services. When our public services become part of a corporation’s bottom line, we all suffer. Protect Public Services We Depend On tells you what you can do to keep your services public.

To help keep Guelph services public please contact your city councillor or contact for more information.